Apple is secretly developing Snapchat-like video-editing app

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The social media courtesy Facebook and Snapchat is booming. Apple’s hardware sales, not so much these days. As a means to boost revenues as well as entice social-media loving youngsters, Apple is developing a Snapchat like video shooting and editing tool, that Bloomberg reports, may come pre-installed in the iPhones and iPad.

Designed to connect users more effectively in the world of Snapchat stories and Instagram posts, the app offers simple video editing tools that will allow users to make and edit videos in less than a minute.

Tim Cook’s focus on the social media can be attributed to the fact that Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram are the top three downloaded apps in the iTunes app store. Users spend an approximate 50-minutes a day browsing Facebook’s News Feed, Messenger and Instagram and an average 30-minutes a day checking Snapchat.

To get users to use the iOS ecosystem to interact with their social networks, a Whatsapp like messaging app is also in the making- an updated iMessage that will bring animated text boxes plus plug-ins for sending animated images and stickers as well as tools to put text on images.

The video-editing app is being developed by the same team that made Final Cut Pro and the iMovie software. It is still in its preliminary stages of development with a 2017 release tag on it. The developers are still weighing in the final list of features which currently includes an Instagram-like square video shooting mode, video filters and the ability to add text and stickers to videos, much like Snapchat. Videos can be made with one-hand operation and uploaded directly to existing social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This is not Apple’s first effort to get into the social space however. In 2010, Apple launched an iTunes focused social networking app called Ping which fail to become successful.

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Apple is secretly developing Snapchat-like video-editing app