Apple joins Samsung’s explosive party with a blown up iPhone 7

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 The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is so fierce that one cannot bear seeing the other lapping up all the attention. With Samsung getting all the limelight with its ‘explosive’ Galaxy Note 7, Apple could have been feeling left out. It’s no big news that both companies have lifted features off each other. So what does it do? Build an explosive iPhone 7 of course! Or simpler words, now there’s an iPhone 7 too which has imploded.

The redditor calls the image ‘Courage’.

The image, posted by Redditor ‘Kroopthesnoop’ on Wednesday shows a matte black iPhone 7 dressed in Note 7’s clothing. You know, the all-charred one it has in its wardrobe.

While the Galaxy Note 7 was exploding due to an internal design error that shorts the batteries, this iPhone 7 was reported to have blown up while in transit. The owner had ordered the phone online and when he received it, he couldn’t help but notice the distinct burning smell coming out if it.

“Something happened between the factory and delivery” is what the poor owner of the phone had to say. But there’s nothing more to follow up with. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the occurrence publicly and the UPS, the world’s largest package delivery service hasn’t commented either.But the blame has to fall on someone, so the blame will either have to taken by one or both once investigation starts after the owner brings the phone to Apple for a replacement.

The iPhone 7 is releasing in India on October 7th, starting at a price of Rs 60,000. Pre-order them on Flipkart now but let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a very expensive cracker, just in time for Diwali.

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Apple joins Samsung’s explosive party with a blown up iPhone 7