Cortana Is About To Make Microsoft Xbox One A Lot Cooler

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Microsoft is rolling out a huge update for the Xbox One starting on Monday. The summer update will bring Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana for users in the US and UK. Designed in exactly the same way as the Windows 10 interface, Cortana will be able to field and answer most of the same queries.

Cortana can be invoked using either the headset or through Kinect. It can be used to invite people for parties, see what friends are playing and control media playback on the console.

The older Xbox voice commands will be replaced by ‘Hey Cortana’, but Microsoft has kept them for use, should you choose to disable the digital assistant.

Another major feature coming to Xbox users is the option of playing background music. Pandora will be the first among many to stream in the background. Users can put on music and start a game, and the music will keep on playing in the background. The Xbox Dashboard guide will give quick playback controls, to pause-play music in-game.

Microsoft is also merging the Xbox and Windows Store together, making certain Windows 10 apps available on the gaming console. Microsoft is getting more developers to develop more apps fit for the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature is also rolling out with this update. With this feature, users will automatically get the Xbox version of a PC game they bought, and vice-versa, without paying anything extra.

Another welcome change will be the ability to keep the language same, even when the location is changed. Users who move abroad will now be able to keep their language the same.

The game collection layout has also received a few tweaks. You can now access the ‘ready to install’ section, without having to scroll horizontally for your games.

The Xbox PC app will also see an upgrade, in line with the Windows Anniversary Update, which will start rolling out from August 2nd. All the top Windows 10 games will show up here. You can see what your friends are playing on their PCs, and chat with them in Xbox Live Parties. You can also record your games at 60fps, once the anniversary update rolls out.

The Xbox One update is available for all consoles right now, with the Xbox One S hardware launch slated for a August 2nd release. The Windows 10 anniversary update will also roll out to users for free, on August 2nd.

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Cortana Is About To Make Microsoft Xbox One A Lot Cooler