Facebook Is Now Waging A War Against Clickbait Headlines

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Over the years, one problem that has plagued Facebook is the increased incidences of clickbait posts. In simpler words, Facebook is targeting websites, which push bogus content with an inviting headline, making an unassuming person open it, only to find the content isn’t half as interesting as what the headline claims to be.

Facebook is now addressing this longstanding issue with making a few changes in their newsfeed algorithm so that fewer typical clickbait stories show up on an user’s newsfeed.

Facebook plans to do this ‘by reducing the distribution of posts that lead people to click and then quickly come back to the News Feed’

Facebook is also putting in mechanisms that identify the common phrases used in clickbait headlines. First, it will classify thousands of headlines as clickbaits if the headlines withold information mentioned in the article, or if the headline somewhat exaggerates what is in the article. Essentially, Facebook is gunning for any story that misleads the reader. This is pretty much how email spam filters work.

With this database in place, Facebook will sort through news articles to find which headlines match the common clickbait phrases and rank them lower in the News Feed.

Websites and domains where these clickbait articles originate from will be at the receiving end of this move by the social network giant.

If you ever have been annoyed as hell for seeing headlines like ‘This girl went to a party and you won’t believe what happened next’, or ‘The panda was chilling on the tree when suddenly this happened!’, this would be welcome move.

For the publishers who earn their bread, butter and wrath of the common people by posting such click-bait articles, wouldn’t probably like what’s going to happen next. In the past, it must be noted that Facebook has been in a bit of a habit of changing and tweaking around with its core newsfeed algorithm, so one really doesn’t know if this change is going to last long or not.

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Facebook Is Now Waging A War Against Clickbait Headlines