How to know if the ATM nearby has cash or not

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A week has passed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the stage announced demonetization of high value currencies of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 to curb the menace of black money in the Indian economy. However, as an unprecedented side-effect the common man in India has been left cashless with mile-long queues outside banks and non-functional ATMs adding to the country-wide cash crunch.

Even when the ATMs do get functional, the limited stock of Rs 100 currency notes take as much as an hour of get withdrawn, even with over 200 people lining up outside the ATMs waiting eagerly for cash. Now, proving the adage “necessity is the mother of invention” true,, a web portal has launched in India that shows whether an ATM nearby has cash available or not.

The online portal CashNoCash, launched by Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Khasnis will deal with your cash woes by indicating which ATM nearby has cash available or not. Talwar is the founder of Hiree, an online recruitment startup which was acquired by Quikr in July 2016. According to Facebook Page, the site is now working on a crowdsourced data model and is still at its infancy. The portal will grow once more data can be gathered.

Based on your current location, the website will look at user uploaded data and tell you the nearest ATM that has cash. What’s more, you can also create alerts which will notify you whenever an ATM nearby gets refueled by cash.

By default, the portal will display the ATMs near your location and as a user, you can submit the current status of the ATM- Cash, No Cash or Long Wait.

Talwar told in an statement to Inc42, “ is a free service that allows you to find nearest cash points, their availability and waiting times. The status data is crowdsourced, so you can even contribute to the knowledge base. The initiative is supported by Nasscom and Quikr.”

With the common man facing mile-long queues outside banks and ATMs and access to cash dwindling every day, leveraging technology and crowdsourced data will look to ease the pain a bit. Also check out the ways you can go cashless using just your smartphone.

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How to know if the ATM nearby has cash or not