Instagram takes on trolls with automatic word-filter on comments

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Bad news for trolls! Instagram is pushing out a new feature wherein you will be able to hide abusive and annoying comments automatically.

The feature was first rolled out for business accounts in July which enabled them to automatically hide comments that contain lewd and obscene words and phrases. It appeared under a ‘Comment Moderation’ sub-menu under the app settings.

Now its rolling out for Android and iOS.

In the regular version too, it works the same. You go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Comments’ and turn on ‘Hide Inappropriate Comments’. The app will then filter words and phrases that are often deemed as inappropriate.

But this won’t really stop trolls from abusing your photos. Of course there are ways to get around Instagram’s filters simply by changing the spelling or coming up with entirely new abuses. Instagram needs to do much more than including a simple word filter.

Fortunately, you can add custom words and phrases that will make Instagram filter them from the comment section of your photos.

Still, this is a step in the right direction for the platform that has been seeing a decline in the number of users because trolls find it very easy to abuse on people’s photos. Instagram itself describes the feature as one of the ‘first’ feature it is introducing to help people from diverse genders, races, sexual orientation and backgrounds to feel safer on the platform.

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Instagram takes on trolls with automatic word-filter on comments