Know How Facebook Plans To Revamp Its News Feed Section

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We’ve always been interested to find out how networking giant Facebook has been transforming its social networking platform to keep its users hooked. The latest report by Mashable has revealed that the Zuckerberg-led company is trying to come out “with a new layout on mobile that highlights multiple news sections, with topics such as World & US, Sports and Food.”

This information was revealed in a tweet by Tom Critchlow, which says:

If you are thinking that this testing feature will be launched soon by Facebook, then there is no official confirmation yet.

It is believed that this approach will motivate more people to retrieve news from Facebook instead of going on other platforms like Twitter or Google News.

Critchlow further added that Facebook is “clearly trying to turn the feed into consumption and push engagement to messenger/groups.”
Let’s wait and watch whether this testing feature will go official in days to come. And if you have something more to add here, share it in the comment section below!
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Know How Facebook Plans To Revamp Its News Feed Section