Micromax Could Be Launching Cheap 4G Phones With Google Duo Preloaded

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It seemed to be only a matter of time when the newly unveiled Duo app becomes a staple across all mobiles. But with the festive season coming up, Micromax could be launching a cheap 4G enabled phone with Google’s new app preloaded.

The smartphone maker will launch a 4G-enabled smartphones, priced under Rs 10,000 in partnership with Google allowing the Duo app to come pre-loaded.

The specs and other features are not yet revealed.

Dubbed the ‘Video’ series of phones, the new 4G phones will help millions of users to come on board the minimalist video-calling app just in time for the festive season.

The phone will also have voLTE support to enable high-clarity voice calls on the LTE network. 

Google Duo saw about 10 million downloads in the first month alone, successfully taking on video-calling rivals like Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger. And by coming pre-installed in an entry-level 4G smartphone, the app might very well see a spike in rates of adoption from rural areas.

The app, unveiled at the I/O conference this year aims to take the “complexity out of video calling”. It needs nothing more than your phone number to connect to another user and has a feature called ‘knock, knock’ that allows you see a live video of the caller even before you decide to pick up and answer the call.

But pre-installing Duo is not the only smart move by Micromax. The sub $100 4G phones will see higher rates of adoption as sales of 4G phones have boomed in recent times thanks to the flurry of 4G offers from telecom providers and especially after the entry of Reliance Jio with the promise of free unlimited voice calls and data till the end of this year.

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Micromax Could Be Launching Cheap 4G Phones With Google Duo Preloaded