Privacy or AI? Facebook Is Asking You To Make A Tough Choice

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When using Facebook Messenger from now onwards, you will have a choice: Increased privacy or Artificial Intelligence support.

Citing sources close to the project, The Guardian reports the user will be prompted to choose between end-to-end encryption or an improved AI chatbot.

Users will be able to opt-in for the increased privacy through end-to-end encryption of their conversations, keeping both authorities and Facebook from snooping on user’s texts. WhatsApp was the first to provide a choice of encryption standards to its users. From what is being seen, this is becoming a norm in the wake of Apple’s standoff with the FBI about providing backdoors to their encryption standards. Tech giants are seeking to assuage the fear of authorities monitoring user’s private data through this move.

But Facebook is also keeping its evolution in mind. By making the improved privacy optional, Facebook is also promoting its machine-learning features it is building into messenger.

In conflict with the privacy features, the AI chatbots that Facebook is trying to implement require user’s data to be routed through corporate servers to analyze them and send an appropriate response and learn future interactions.

Chatbots are the latest trend in the tech industry, with Google unveiling their Allo messaging app service which offer simple, responsive services such as booking tickets or fetching news, in the middle of your conversation with someone else.

It will be interesting to see how the tussle between demands of increased privacy and promotion of artificial intelligence services plays out in the coming days.

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Privacy or AI? Facebook Is Asking You To Make A Tough Choice