Samsung replaces Big B’s Note 7, but what about AAM Aadmi

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In India if you’re a celebrity, you can get away with anything – perhaps even murder as some cases have taught us. So if you’re having some issues with your phone, then chances are it is no big deal. But when you are Amitabh Bachchan then you’d imagine things to be far easier. And that’s exactly what happened as the Big B has received a spanking new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from the folks at Samsung India after he complained on Friday about having issues with it.

“T 2399 – Had tweeted about the 60% battery issue with my Samsung Note 7 .. Samsung replaced it with new .. ! Impressed ! No issues now,” tweeted the legendary Bollywood actor.

This came after on Friday he had tweeted that his phone was capped at 60 percent charge and he wailed for help on Twitter on when he could fully charge his phone.

Clearly, Samsung India moved at a breakneck pace for the sake of damage control as its new flagship phone had been in the news for all the wrong reasons for over a month. The phone was supposed to launch in India on September 2 but was pulled from the shelves after Samsung executives shockingly admitted that millions of units of the phone suffered from a dangerous battery flaw allowing the phone’s battery to destabilise during charging and spontaneously combust.

The phone was banned by the DGCA and a bunch of airlines abroad but only on Friday a redesigned model of the phone had received a clean chit from the DGCA. However, then Amitabh Bachchan happened.

While, it is great that Samsung has moved at such great speed to service the Bollywood legend, one has to ask the question why did they grant him such preferential treatment as the phone never went on sale in India so clearly he was using a phone which wasn’t covered by standard Samsung India warranty.

On one side, the general public is struggling to get the phone or has to jump hoops to get their phones fixed or replaced, one tweet by the Bollywood legend sent off Samsung India executives in a tizzy. Would Samsung do the same for the AAM Aadmi?

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Samsung replaces Big B’s Note 7, but what about AAM Aadmi