Samsung will offer refunds for all imported Galaxy Note 7 units in India

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Even though Samsung never officially started selling its faulty and explosive Galaxy Note 7 phones in India, there has been many who imported the smartphone from abroad and like most users of the phone, found the phone billowing smoke and catching fire. Even Bollywood mogul Amitabh Bachchan tweeted about his Note 7’s battery capped to 60 per cent (which he had obviously imported), which Samsung earlier had implemented to keep the batteries from frying.

Now, FoneArena reports that Samsung will offer full refund to those who imported the Galaxy Note 7 from abroad.

This comes after Samsung announced last week that it is pulling the plug on the Note 7 and permanently discontinuing production and sales of the flagship phone.

The phone was supposed to launch in India for a price of Rs 59,000 and the refund amount will be in respect to the Indian price of the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 phone was doomed from the beginning. Soon after the phone released, several customers in the US reported the phone caught fire while charging. Multiple cases of injury and property damage started flowing in. Airlines across the world banned the use of the phone during flights.

Samsung responded by recalling all the units of the phone sold so far and replacing them with ‘safer’ counterparts. And yet, even the replacement devices began acting the same. After this, Samsung accepted defeat and stopped production and sale of the device altogether, and started to offer refunds to users in the US and South Korea where the phone was on sale.

FoneArena contacted Samsung Cafes and service centers across the country and they confirmed they are now accepting Note 7 devices purchased by Indians from abroad. So if you bought the phone from outside India, you can return it to any Samsung Cafe for a full refund.

Samsung is estimating it will reportedly make $3.1 billion losses in the fourth quarter of 2016 due to the disastrous flagship device.

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Samsung will offer refunds for all imported Galaxy Note 7 units in India