Super Mario Run on iOS is a masterstroke for Apple

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If you think that the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch series 2 was the biggest thing that Tim Cook announced, then I think you’re mistaken. The biggest announcement came in the first 10 minutes of the keynote and it invoked the loudest cheer
that the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium had heard through the keynote.

It was the fact that Nintendo was bringing Mario to iOS. The world’s favourite plumber was coming to the iPhone. The most iconic game character of all time was finally making a run for the most popular computing gadget on the planet.

And for the announcement, Apple even had the father of Mario on stage. None other than Nintendo’s iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto came to showcase Mario on iOS and when he came on stage, the crowd was in raptures.

Not many people are more revered in the tech industry than Miyamoto. He is possibly as revered as Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs.

The game in question also looks interesting. Nintendo has built a new Mario game called Super Mario Run and it will be launching in the Holiday season. It will be a paid game, but Miyamoto said that this game will be an one time purchase.

Make no mistake, this was masterstroke. Out of the 500 million games available on the app store, this game alone could be a reason to buy an iPhone.

Now, it is quite clear, as a part of Nintendo’s new business strategy this game will eventually make its way down to Android. However, the longer it stays an iOS exclusive, the longer Apple will have a key differentiator which will be incredibly compelling, attracting
an audience spanning generations.

Mario is for gaming what Star Wars is for movies. And now, Apple at least temporarily has Mario only on its platform. That’s a big deal.

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Super Mario Run on iOS is a masterstroke for Apple