Use the New Find My Device Tool to Track Your Windows 10 Laptop

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Microsoft has finally got around to adding a Find My Device feature to Windows 10. As you might expect, it lets you identify where your laptop is, should it get lost or stolen. The new feature is part of the major update
for Windows 10 rolled out earlier this month, and here’s how to activate it on your machine.

From the Start menu, click Start and then choose Update & security and Find My Device. Click on Change to activate the feature-your laptop will then send its current location back to base on a regular basis, assuming it’s connected to wifi and has enough battery juice left. Note that you need to be signed in as an administrator to switch this feature on.

You can then head to on any computer and sign in using your Microsoft account to find out where in the world your laptop has gone-any desktops you’re running Windows 10 on are listed here too, though the tracking feature only works on laptops and tablets (and as yet there’s no option to ping or lock your computer remotely). Click Find my device to see your laptop on a map.

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Use the New Find My Device Tool to Track Your Windows 10 Laptop