YouTube is also a social network now

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YouTube is now a social network too. Proving rumors about introducing more engagement features true, the video sharing platform launched YouTube Community in a bid to allow video uploaders engage better with their audiences through texts, GIFs, images and the likes.

The social network was launched with the aim of trying to keep creators from migrating to other platforms by offering more tools for engaging with their audience, not just through the videos themselves, but also through other viral means.

The service was being tested over the past few months with a few regular uploaders to gain feedback. Yesterday, it launched for everyone to use. The service will be available to more creators in the months ahead.

A new ‘Community’ tab on the uploader’s channel will show up after the service is activated.

From this tab, the video creators can share texts, images, GIFs and other media content which the audience can engage with by giving either a thumbs up or down, same like in videos and also post comments.

For the viewers, these posts will pop on their ‘Subscriptions’ feed in the YouTube app. There’s also the option of receiving push notifications for the posts.

With this move, Google will look to make up for the failure that was Google+ in front of Facebook, Instagram and others. YouTube Community will put mini social-networks on every channel.

Making YouTube a social medium by baking the social network directly within the app is a masterstroke. It surely makes more sense rather than creating a separate website like Google+ as it will give the uploaders the capability to engage directly with their fan base without having to go to a different destination.

The feature will remain under testing for quite some time, according to YouTube. It will keep a tab on the feedback from the creators and roll out bug fixes and new features accordingly.

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YouTube is also a social network now